Sunday, December 30, 2012

What is Off-page SEO

 "What is off page SEO" ?

Lots of new seo learner what to know what is off-page SEO so today lesson i select for solving the problem of new seo biggners.

There are off-page SEO features

1 - Directory Submission
2 - Blogspoting
3 - blog comments posting
4 - Bookmarking
5 - guest posting
6- article posting
7- video posting
8- link exchnage
9 - forum posting
10 - Press Release

if you want more then click here

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

come on lady one pound fish song

Come on baby one pound fish is one of the famouse song on internet and now it is running in compition in england

Listen song here

Shahid nazir has come Pakistan form England today and on airport all people and Pakistani media worm welcome him because now hi become the celebrity of Pakistan.
 he will go after some day franch for his song lanch in franch

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

bookmarkung 2013

New bookmarking list 2013 2 / 2  

How to Install Plig (choose the best site to read article)

Hi I am Muhammad Amjad Butt and today i will teach you

How to Install Pligg

I was very worry about pligg to install but when i read article from trust me i am really amouse to read it and i find how it easy to install pligg on your site because some days ago, i was search my friend how has idea to install but i work as freelancer and his price is very high so after some search in google i find my solution of problem now if you want install pligg then must read this  How to Install Pligg .

Thanks and i need your comments but after read this article first.

example of site (Submit Your Site and Also Your Article for Blog)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Create Free Blogs

Hi all,

I am introducing you 10 to free blog creating websites for your earning and make you strong without finance so you create blog on following site and then do off-page seo on your blog for your online earning. this is only why you can earn good money otherwise other why are totally fake and your time wasting.

check my free create blog list :-

1 - Blogger

2 - wordpress

 3 - See top 10 Sites for free blog create

this website will help you to improve your ranking in google also


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How to Choose SEO Company

I was searching good SEO company for my blog i find lots of SEO Company but all are high paid and none efficient for completing my order but when i find  is best site and this company is fully good for my requirement so i join this company and they done good work for my sites. now i am happy to see my websites on top. check one site    alaxe rank down and lots of visitors too.

Is bookmarking Still effective your Website ?

Is bookmarking Still effective your Website ?

Bookmarking is one of the most effective and reliable techniques used for website keyword ranking and promotion. Without Bookmarking, you can not find your website on the Internet because it is totally impossible. as a result, it is very essential that your website is carefully optimized in order to guarantee its web presence. When an SEO Master optimizes your website, he believe many factors, keywords being the most important. It is improve only due to the important of bookmarking use.

after use give me please comments i need. 

SEO Company 2013 Working as leading Company in SEO Field

SEO Company 2013 is leading company in seo field and i admire how they are working in seo filed and they have done lots of project beucase they have good staff and totaly educated when i work with this company i feel pleasure now after geting seo education from SEO Company 2013 now i am the owner of the my Owen company and earning good money so i am saying thanks to this company and now i am introducing you larget list of bookarming sites so you do not need to registered bookmarking only click on submit a new story and submit your site.

Bookmarking Sites 2013 No need Registration No Registeration Submit direct No Registeration Submit direct No Registeration Submit direct No Registeration Submit direct No Registeration Submit direct No Registeration Submit direct No Registeration Submit direct No Registeration Submit direct

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Instant Blogspot List

Instant Blogspot

lots of boys create blogspot site on blogspot but not work which is not good and blog not get rank in google and so one day it lost all pages index convert into de-index.  so every free blogs also need SEO if you improve keyword ranking then free blog also can give you earning like through googlee adsense or advertisement or link sale if your blog has good page rank.
so why you waste your time when you create blog then do on-page and off-page on your blog and find good result.
I thing worry what is on-page so read clealry:-

you can improve your ranking in google through on-page

features of on-page which will effect your page rank and alaexa rank in google and all other search engine.

1- keyword setting in website
2- less then 42 word in description - no long
3 - good title- post your definable title
4 - Use H1 in heading
5 - read more on-page

What is off-page

off-page is equally important as on-page important there are some features follow:-

1- directory submission
2- article submission
3 -blog posting and comment post
4 instant blogs and many more click here

Main question was how to improve ranking of blogspot so i am solving your problem and also saving your time you can use following instant blogspot  and save your time. All blogs are instant we have use it on our website and incres ranking.

"Pet Blogs"

"Shopping Blogs"

 So all blogs are instant and you can get good result from above blogs i will update more if you will give me good comment.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Top 25 Websites for Improve your Keyword Ranking In google

Top 25 Websites for Improve your Keyword Ranking In google

I search many tipe with type good quality free sites but not find good list of quality sites in google. but one day i was searching one forum and find this list and use it some sites and feel it is very good sites for website ranking improvement so it is my duty to guide you and facilitate you what sites are good for you and not.

My all top 25 good sites are very good in quality and Alexa rank is very much low. some sites are related to articles and some are video posting if you use all sites inSallah you sites ranking will improve in google and also other search engine like yahoo and bing. if you want to use list then click       my this website has also

 instant blogs ,  All blogs are instant and you only registered blogs and post comment on good sites.

dofollow social bookmarking sites  -   All sites are good in Alexa rank and page rank. improve ranking.

registered bookmarking sites - you do not need to registered i have post user name and password.

On-page and Off-page SEO -  You can read what is on-page and off-page SEO you will understand easily.

Old Nokia Models -  in this website you can find old mobiles with price and full specifications

Shopping Disney Store = this website is all about shopping and you can select products for buying.

Pet Store Supplier = if you love pet then you must open this website and select pet for buy on cheap price.

MY main aim is to guide you which site is good for you and not your choice is first. i will take more for you later.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Instant Directory List

Instant Directory List 
before 2000, Some people has not budget which will they stop website business in google but after 2000, lots of websites introduce free website directory for improving website ranking but they require reciprocal which solve some problem not 80%. after 2005 lots of person introduce free directory with no reciprocal which solve people problem on large scale. people use these directories for website ranking in google and improving also. but this trend also not solve problem because all these directories are non approve and nofollow which was not effect one website mostly. but in 2012, people introduced dofollow directory list which solve problem 90% but after 100 submission, only approve 10 to 12 so it is no good solution and also time waste because in SEO time is very important for you and me.

I search lots on this problem and solve me and your problem so i am introducing dofollow instant directory list 2013 which will improve your website rank and also alaxe rank and more improtant your time which you can use on other SEO work.

Let's use Instant Directory List 


Some other Free Directory list

ACDC Directory 312/9/2012Report
TooNite Web Directory 512/3/2012Report
New Visia Directory 012/2/2012Report
Tack Oil Directory 012/2/2012Report
Bad Moon Directory 312/2/2012Report
Down Under Directory 212/2/2012Report
Viva Town Directory 312/2/2012Report
Prompt SEO Directory 711/30/2012Report
The UK Link 011/29/2012Report
uKings Web Directory 311/28/2012Report
Business Web Directory 011/28/2012Report
Noblesse Directory 211/25/2012Report
CCC Directory 211/25/2012Report
Smile Directory 211/25/2012Report
Vex Gaming Directory 311/25/2012Report
Vinyl Cartel Directory 311/24/2012Report
Take My Photo Directory 311/24/2012Report
Rsa Events Directory 511/24/2012Report
Rts Thurn All Directory 311/24/2012Report
Punker Directory 211/24/2012Report
My Web Link Directory 011/23/2012Report
Regular Links in Directory 011/23/2012Report
Web Universe Directory 011/23/2012Report
Famous Link Directory 011/23/2012Report
Directory for Web 011/23/2012Report
CGI Site Directory 511/21/2012Report
East Coast Solutions Directory 211/20/2012Report
Cademocracyact Directory 511/19/2012Report
Ccadv Directory 511/19/2012Report
Firstswins Directory 311/19/2012Report
Hakis Directory 611/19/2012Report
Ice Cream Woman Directory 411/19/2012Report
Marquamhill Directory 311/19/2012Report
Mccaincomics Directory 511/19/2012Report
Free Online Directory 011/18/2012Report
Online Net Directory 011/18/2012Report
Codensa Web Directory 511/18/2012Report
Online Web Directory List 011/18/2012Report
Online Internet List 011/18/2012Report
Internet Web List 011/18/2012Report
SEO With Directory 011/18/2012Report
I Use Directory 011/18/2012Report
Directory On Web 011/18/2012Report
General Link Directory 011/18/2012Report
Best Web Links Directory 011/18/2012Report
Directory For You 011/16/2012Report
Directory With Quality 011/16/2012Report
Link Stock Directory 011/16/2012Report
Our Class Directory 011/16/2012Report
My Favourite Directory 011/16/2012Report
Directory Trance 011/15/2012Report
Getty Directory 011/14/2012Report
Nemo Directory 011/14/2012Report
Elegant Directory 011/14/2012Report
Nimo Directory 011/14/2012Report
General Business Web Directory 411/11/2012Report
Blaze Web Directory 011/11/2012Report
Web Corners Directory 011/11/2012Report
Web Directory Select 011/11/2012Report
Me Directory 111/9/2012Report
Glory Directory 011/8/2012Report
Directory Positive 011/8/2012Report
Directory Rep 011/8/2012Report
Seo Dir 011/8/2012Report
Royal Directory 011/8/2012Report
Directory 611/8/2012Report
Regiska Directory 711/7/2012Report
Directory Bunch 211/7/2012Report
WDC Directory 411/5/2012Report
Revista Paradigma Directory 311/5/2012Report
Seoten Directory 011/5/2012Report
Online Web Directory Site 011/5/2012Report
Pak Ranks Business Web Directory 411/4/2012Report
eWeb Resource 310/31/2012Report
Abdil Directory 010/29/2012Report
URLCastle 410/28/2012Report
Aaco2007 Web Directory 310/26/2012Report
America Links Up Directory 510/25/2012Report
SERCM Directory 610/24/2012Report
Eric's Web Directory 610/24/2012Report
Move the Web Forward Directory 610/24/2012Report
Deca Press Directory 610/24/2012Report
Codex Website Directory 210/24/2012Report
Online Web Directory 110/20/2012Report
Happal Internet Directory 410/17/2012Report
Free Open Directory Project 210/17/2012Report
Web Page Directory 510/17/2012Report
The Human Edited Directory 010/15/2012Report
Browse Profiles Web Directory 110/13/2012Report
Search Profiles Web Directory 010/13/2012Report
Directory Aziende 110/12/2012Report
Tzila Directory 110/8/2012Report
Seoer Directory 010/8/2012Report
Seou Directory 010/8/2012Report
Baslink Directory 310/7/2012Report
Veb Directory 010/6/2012Report
Thomson Directory 010/5/2012Report
PopDizzy Directory 410/2/2012Report
Whytes Directory 310/2/2012Report
Filiber Web Directory 310/2/2012Report
Bkblayze Directory 010/2/2012Report
Forbfd Free Directory 310/2/2012Report
Ceev Directory 210/2/2012Report
Green Pages Directory 010/2/2012Report
Directory Submission World 010/2/2012Report
Add Link In Directory 110/2/2012Report
Theatres Link Directory 010/1/2012Report
Kennel Club India Directory 110/1/2012Report
Shistlbb SEO Internet Directory 29/30/2012Report
Auto Backlink Directory 39/30/2012Report
Submission Marketing Web Directory 69/30/2012Report
Tatib Directory 39/26/2012Report
Site Tweets Web Directory 39/24/2012Report
Moms Web Directory 59/23/2012Report
Diroon Web Directory 29/22/2012Report
Business Web Directory 59/21/2012Report
HaberPlaza Web Directory * 59/20/2012Report
EUMW Directory 49/20/2012Report
Web Shelf Directory 19/20/2012Report
The Daily Submit Directory 39/18/2012Report
Pabs Directory 39/17/2012Report
Aacrr Directory 19/17/2012Report
Top Rank Directory 39/15/2012Report
Popular Web Directory 59/14/2012Report
LIB Directory 09/13/2012Report
Websites List 09/12/2012Report
Global Listing Site 39/9/2012Report
Busqld Directory 29/6/2012Report
BacklinkEasy Directory 09/6/2012Report
Submit Link Directory 09/3/2012Report
Directory Like 09/2/2012Report
Get Links in Directory 19/1/2012Report
Free Links Approval 09/1/2012Report
SEO Directories 09/1/2012Report
Harc Studio Directory 08/30/2012Report
Balti Biz Directory 18/30/2012Report
HDM Web Directory 58/29/2012Report
Tav Web Directory 48/29/2012Report
Advantage Traders Directory 38/29/2012Report
Wafu Online Web Directory 28/29/2012Report
Free Directory Listings 17/15/2012Report
Link With Directories 07/12/2012Report
Collect Directory Links 07/12/2012Report
Good Quality Directory 07/12/2012Report
Thredd It Directory 27/8/2012Report
Concept Nova Directory 17/8/2012Report
Best Websites Directory 07/6/2012Report
P Web Directory 07/5/2012Report
Submit Your Link Directory 07/4/2012Report
OM Web Directory 07/4/2012Report
Submit Your Link Web Directory 07/4/2012Report
1M1 Links Directory 37/2/2012Report
Visit Hollywood Directory 06/23/2012Report
Center Square News Directory 06/23/2012Report
General Shopping Directory 26/23/2012Report
WebTowns Web Directory 16/22/2012Report
Latest Top Directory 06/20/2012Report
New Top Directory 06/20/2012Report
New Hot Directory 06/20/2012Report
Business Free Directory 16/20/2012Report
New Top Directory 06/20/2012Report
Hot Net Directory 06/19/2012Report
Hot Internet Directory 06/19/2012Report
Hot Web Directory 06/19/2012Report
Fresh Top Directory 16/19/2012Report
Modern Top Directory 06/19/2012Report
Best Directory One 06/18/2012Report
Internet Directory One 06/18/2012Report
Network Directory One 06/18/2012Report
Business Directory One 06/18/2012Report
Links Directory One 06/18/2012Report
Links Treasury Directory 16/17/2012Report
Search Directory 1 06/17/2012Report
Links Storage Directory 06/17/2012Report
Search Web Directory 1 06/17/2012Report
Link Land Directory 26/13/2012Report
Multiple Listing Board 36/13/2012Report
Business & Website Directory 26/12/2012Report
Add Links in Directory 06/11/2012Report
Quality Link Hub 06/11/2012Report
India Edu Links Directory 06/11/2012Report
Edu Link Directory 06/11/2012Report
Worlds Edu Links Directory 06/11/2012Report
Free Link Review Directory 06/10/2012Report
SEO Suggest Directory 06/10/2012Report
72 Articles Web Directory 06/10/2012Report
Dons Directory 36/9/2012Report
Website Library 36/9/2012Report 46/9/2012Report
Authml Directory 36/6/2012Report
A Website Directory 06/3/2012Report
My Web Find 15/30/2012Report
AllSites Web Directory 25/28/2012Report
Directory Business 25/27/2012Report
Directory Approval 05/26/2012Report
Webmasters Web Dir 05/26/2012Report
Web Link Directories 05/26/2012Report
Web Class Directory 05/26/2012Report
The A-Z Directory 15/25/2012Report
Nina Directory 15/24/2012Report
Geronimo Directory 25/24/2012Report
Z Directory 35/21/2012Report
EKOBU Free Web Directory 25/20/2012Report
SEO Free Directory 05/19/2012Report
Free Submission Dir 05/19/2012Report
Sub Directories 05/19/2012Report
Webmasters Directory 05/19/2012Report
Submit Quality Dir 05/19/2012Report
Web Services Directory 05/16/2012Report
Web Link Directory Site 05/16/2012Report
SEO Experts Directory 05/16/2012Report
Good Links Directory 05/16/2012Report
SEO Links USA 05/16/2012Report
Net Directory Site 05/15/2012Report
New Business Web Directory 05/15/2012Report
Pixel Promotion 05/15/2012Report
Web Global Directory 05/15/2012Report
Global Web Directory 05/15/2012Report
Business Web Directorys 05/15/2012Report
What is LOL 05/14/2012Report
Best Web Directory Listings 05/13/2012Report
Free Web Directory Listings 05/13/2012Report
The Web Directory Listings 05/13/2012Report
Internet Directory Listings 05/13/2012Report
Network Directory Listings 15/13/2012Report
Net Directory Listings 15/13/2012Report
Douz Directory 25/10/2012Report
Glowing Directory 25/10/2012Report
Smooth Listing Directory 45/5/2012Report
Galyean Nursery Directory 35/3/2012Report
Koala Directory 05/3/2012Report
Puma Directory 05/3/2012Report
Top Links One Directory 05/2/2012Report
New Directory One 05/2/2012Report
Hot Directory One 05/2/2012Report
Link Bizz Directory 05/1/2012Report
Yamza Directory 04/30/2012Report
SEO Dir 14/30/2012Report
1 to Z Source Directory 04/29/2012Report
Directory Bling 14/29/2012Report
Get In Directory 34/28/2012Report
Advanced SEO Directory 04/25/2012Report
Top Business General Directory 04/25/2012Report
Hot Business Directory 04/25/2012Report
Top Business Links Directory 04/25/2012Report
Owl Web Directory 04/25/2012Report
Rhino Web Directory 04/25/2012Report
General Directory Listings 04/24/2012Report
Top Internet Directory Listings 04/24/2012Report
Top General Link Directory 04/24/2012Report
Fresh Business Web Directory 04/24/2012Report
Best Directory Listings 04/22/2012Report
Hot Directory Listings 04/22/2012Report
Free General Web Directory 04/22/2012Report
Link Partners Directory 44/21/2012Report
Top Search Directory 04/20/2012Report
Add Top Links 04/20/2012Report
Archivd Web Directory 64/18/2012Report
Web Directory Portal 04/16/2012Report
Best Free Directory 04/16/2012Report
Business Link Directory 04/16/2012Report
BubblePlex Directory 24/15/2012Report
WDirectory 04/12/2012Report
The Directory One 04/11/2012Report
Web Marketing Directory 14/11/2012Report
Free Links Directory 04/11/2012Report
Top Network Directory 14/11/2012Report
Web Business Directory 04/11/2012Report
Pro Websites Listing 04/11/2012Report
Aythr Directory 04/10/2012Report
General Web Directory 14/10/2012Report
Web Directory Site 14/10/2012Report
Web Search Directory 14/10/2012Report
Red Ibex Web Directory 44/10/2012Report
Out 2 See Directory 04/9/2012Report
Olives Web Directory 54/6/2012Report
eWebGazette Web Directory 23/29/2012Report
Linking Wheeling Directory 03/26/2012Report
What is Link Popularity Directory 03/26/2012Report
Submission of Website Directory 03/26/2012Report